Run away

Well I didn't run away, but I was running! And I am probably as surprised as you. I got to go for a run today for the first time in weeks (PLURAL). This may not seem like a bad deal to some, but for's life threatening (a little dramatic I realize).

I launched almost 2 days ago now. This was a long time I initially planned on launching the site back in May! But a girl needs some time off once and a while...and I definitely had waited my turn in the Que for this run.'s not easy. But then sometimes it is. And for me...I never know what hand I'll be dealt until I get moving. Some days I feel like it, and others I don't. Some days my mind wants to and my body doesn't...or vice versa. But I have to do it.

You see, running relaxing to me. It's calming. It's a respite and a retreat. It can rejuvenate and it can restore. It can be an outlet and a release. It can also be painful and tiring. But it can be quiet. I can spend time alone with my maker. I can talk, praise, ask, converse, thank and beseech Him all without four underfoot! Which isn't an easy task...getting away from all four to enjoy some quiet!

So today I went running...and I feel brand new again!


Ehlan said…
how wonderful! Glad you got some time for you!

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