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My Sylvi is 11!!!

Each year as the kiddos get older I just marvel at who they are becoming.  But can I stop for a minute and just let you all know something about me?  Well, birthday parties are my jam.  Actually any party is my jam.  I love throwing them.  I love decorating for them.  I love cooking for them.  The whole bit!

In reality I show love this way.  Some people despise hosting guests....I seriously get filled up by it.  And my kiddos birthday parties are no different.  I get to feed their friends a home cooked meal, help them enjoy time with other kiddos and be present and show our family life to others!  Yes it's messy sometimes and down right chaotic...but it's us!  And dare I say that the kiddos' friends enjoy it.  I mean...they keep coming back don't they?

So as my Sylvi turned 11 we celebrated with some select girlies and family.  It was perfect.  She enjoyed each part.  Her friends were so gifts that were specific to Sylvi and taking time for cards a…

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