The power of......power!

A huge storm...that we watched from my parents lake house, came through our town on Friday night. It was bad. In fact, i had not ever seen so much storm damage in my life.

Power lines down and hundreds of trees uprooted or cracked in half. Needless to say our, and many others power has been out since. That's right....30 hours now of no power. Tricky. Not terrible and I am not complaining, but tricky with a family of six, a dog, a cat and chickens...oh and we are dogsitting.

Here's the nitty gritty: no no showers, no proper tooth brushing, no toilet and now after so long...toilets that stink, 3 freezers not freezing, and a fridge not refrigerating, an ER appt for a boy with a massive ear infection, and trying to comfort him in the middle of the night in the pitch dark! Not good!

What's more, after calling the outage line Again to see If there was any updates on our 36 hour max outage, said they now hope to have power to everyone by Tuesday!

Wow...maybe I am a little crabby about this!

Anyhow...that's it. As Scott and I both sit here on our phones, our only outside communication....making certain people still know we are here!


Katie said…
you poor thing!

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