For realz! How does it get to be so long between blogs sometimes!

A lot has been happening though,
Like this guy (a.k.a my husband) training and finishing his 1st Marathon (this photo is his first 1/2 marathon earlier this summer...not the marathon)
Like this guys (a.k.a Finn) starting his dream sport....HOCKEY! He is all hockey all of the time these days!
And this gal (a.k.a Lilly) starting her first sport, gymnastics!
There was also 6 days away at our major US Tradeshow for Baby Elephant Ears! I was accompanied again by my lovely Sis (a.k.a Ash)!
And then there were festivities hosted at The Farm. What a fantastic day that was! It was prefaced by a family gathering in Nisswa and then dancing the night away at the wedding reception!

So there's a small catch-up! We'll see when I get back!


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