Joy robber, Thought Hijacker or whatever you call it!

Today is one of those days that I find myself ruminating on things that don't matter...that shouldn't matter rather. The things that I allow to hijack my thoughts and rob me of my joy.

The thoughts of...ok...let's be honest:
-She thinks she has is so much worse...but really if she knew about my (fill in the blank)
-If only I could be as honest as so-and-so, maybe people would offer to (fill in the blank)
-Why can't my husband be home each night like everyone else's?
-I really didn't sign up to work this hard.
-Can't I just get a day off?

And when I look at that list...that is as honest as can be...I see so many false implications. Implications that I have it rough, or that I want a reaction or that I need my husband to be home each night. Those are implications that I lead myself into...and I allow to simmer until I feel it's truth.

But the truth? I am real about it and those things are not truth.
-I DO get days off...maybe not as many as I'd like...but a little time off goes a long way!
-I am honest...and honest is that I prefer not to be that open and deal with things with those who are close and trustworthy.
-My husband can't be home each night...or even each week...because he has a JOB...that I am so thankful for. It has allowed me all of my hopes and dreams of being a mom!
-I DID sign up to work this hard...I just may not like it all the time.

So to those thoughts that commit this robbery from time to time...BUG OFF! You're not about to rob my joy or hijack my brain space. This place has no room for you.


Kristin said…
I understand where you are coming from! My husband's new job has him (for now) on the road all week. With 4 kids and me working FT from our home - I go crazy at times! :) But I am grateful he has a job too and that I do and that our kids are awesome even if they are loud and crazy and out of control every once and awhile! Praying you have a good night tonight!!

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