Valentine's preparations

We've done the valentines thing for a couple of years now. The first year...Lilly was in preschool and we decided to do what every other parent did. We brought her to the store to pick out her valentines. That was the last time we did that.

(Below is Pearl's first attempt and writing "Mama" and "Papa"...pretty good!)

By the time the next Valentines day rolled around we now had Finn to worry about as well. This time there was no way I was presenting each of these toddlers with the plethora of options at the store...nope! I was going to give them my own options.

I scoured a few key blogs that I followed and found that there is an amazing amount of talent out there that is FREE! Yep...there are people who do design work and give it away for FREE (typically only for personal use).
This having 4 children who needed (or 3 who needed and one who wanted valentines) I again scoured my sources and found some amazing options to print at home.
I simply gave each child 2-3 options to chose from and clicked "print"!
I'm tellin' ya....this is my kind of preparations. All done within the 4 walls of our home! And incredibly unique valentines at that!
Pearls Valentines were actually designed to be cupcake toppers, but we thought the size and design was perfect for small square Valentines for all of her Sunday School Teachers and relatives!



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