The babe's Shower

So I know...the baby is Skylar is about a month old now and doing so fantastic!  But my sister, Ashley, my mom and I threw a fantastic baby shower for Regi before her baby arrived.  I am just now getting around to sharing them...but what a great day!

Pretzel Roll Bread bowls for Chili and Ham-Cabbage Soup!

A Watermelon in the shape of a hedgehog!  What could be cuter!

Brownie Bites topped with cute flags and banners.

The mother-to-be getting her toe nails painted for the occasion cause she...umm...couldn't get to it herself!

And adorable gifts like these!  These baby moccasins knit by hand by a great friend, Shawn!  Regi loved all things Pocahontas growing the design is oh-so fitting!

Can you say "full house"?  Regi only wanted ONE day of people doting on her was enough.  So one BIG 'ol shower it was!
And what shower is complete without a cute little game or two...


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