He knows.

It's no secret that life has been.
With new and old things alike.
It's no secret.
I tend to power through life in times of..
little to no sleep
lack of free time
overwhelming schedules
lack of money
lack of help
overwhelming desires
This is just my tendency.
But through it all I keep a smile.
Keep a laugh.
Keep positive.
Keep afloat.
Keep moving.
Keep loving.
Keep reflecting.
And tend to get through.
But in it...He always knows....
When I need a break.
To slow down.
To be blessed.
To be relieved.
To be cared for.
To be loved.
To be reminded.
Most of all to be reminded.
Today was that day.
This morning.
This week.
This month!
This over scheduled morning.
I had children waking.
Coffee Brewing.
Drama lines stirring.
Music lyrics purring.
Melodies making harmonies.
A husband watching.
Children hugging.
Visitors waiting.
Lists making.
Very IMPORTANT visitors waiting.
Hours tapping their toes for my arrival.
And then...He knew.
The children were smiling.
My husband was caring.
The visitors were sleeping.
The hours tapped patiently.
The drama lines flowed.
The song lyrics bestowed.
The children...were still smiling.
Oh how He knows.
Like He only can.
When He needs to arrive....on the scene...
in all the presence that only He can have.
To touch,
To love,
To bestow,
To relieve,
To bless...OH to bless,
To remind,
To stay so close.
To allow guests to bow to the Sabbath.
To allow children to bestow amazing behavior.
I could go on...
Today was the day.
He knew.


Beana said…
beautiful. and so true. the real blessing, I think, is having the eyes with which to see it and to see that He Knows.
Ehlan said…
So true! Glad you had a blessed day!

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