Paper Houses-Toddlerized

Because today just felt like that day...that day to break out the ambitious craft I have been waiting to do with the children.

I asked if they were interested..they responded with a resounding "Yeeeeesss!" and off we went

It started with my amazing graphic design skills. I just whipped up this beautiful cut and paste template of teeny tiny gingerbread style houses!

BBBbbaaaaaahhhhhhh! Totally kidding you there.

Actually I stumbled upon (don't ask me how) this blog that was featuring a "freebie" version of a set of paper Holiday themed Houses she sells. I took a look, liked what I saw, "Save As" and Voile!

I have to say...there are extensive direction, but never being one to waste time reading direction, I took to the table and began.

I broke out several supplies (that may or may not be modified later):

  • Crayons
  • Markers of assorted sizes and shapes ( a TOTAL luxury in our house...they are not used on a regular basis...if you read'll see why!)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Children's Scissors

Then the fun began. All 4 children, nestled in their chairs awaiting the fun of family crafts. I handed out pages of the houses to color before anything had been cut.

While they started decorating their teeny tiny houses I built a mock-up version (the blank template) juuust to show them how it was done.
Until Godzilla got a hold of it!

Lesson learned...don't invite a 1 1/2 yr. old to your teeny tiny house making project time!

After the children finished coloring their house, I kindly took the page, cut off the house and allowed them to continue to color the remaining two pieces (the roof and yard w/ fencing).

This is when the real lessons began. Don't fool yourself parents...this is a LOT of work..for you! A lot of minor cutting and gluing. Rest assured, I was so thrilled at the end result that it was totally worth it.
Here are some of the changes I made:
  • Increased the tab size to make folding and gluing easier.
  • (the darker line under "GLUE" is the original cut line)

  • Chucked the glue! Drying time? Really? Substituted Double sided tape....worked like a charm!

  • Each child cut around the outside of the fence and yard...I refined them!

As you can see, some may have been harmed in the making of this craft!

That's what you get for giving markers to a 1 1/2 year old! Lesson 2 learned!

And then I kept cutting,...and cutting,...and cutting. Again, please don't say I tried to fool you into a simple winter craft! It took some time, but then again I did 5! It also made a bit of a mess. Nothing I am not used to!

And of course...they needed a mid-craft snack!

Once they had loaded up with enough energy to finish it out (it really didn't take that kids just like snacks!). They continued to color and cut out the last 2 items whilst i assembled the houses. Here is how I found it easiest.
  • Fold all necessary parts to ready for taping (remember...I gave up on the glue)
  • Glue the walls together first. Leaving the floor alone for now.
  • Next glue the floor down. Place tape along the 3 unattached ends and stick well. The roof is still open so you can get your fingers in there to make sure it's really sticking.
  • Now place tape strips along the 2 "glue" tabs on each end of the house.
  • Then place more tape along all other "glue" tabs on the roof.
  • Place the roof one side at a time, assuring you can still get your finger in to stick one side.
  • Then simply stick the house to your fenced in yard when you get that finished. It's pretty simple once you have assembled the house!

    Our children chose a few add-on's to the traditional home. They made front gates that opened, front doors that opened and closed. They added animals that may have needed a home.

    And by golly, they even added an in ground pool! Clever little stinkers aren't they?!

And when we were done, I kid you not, this is what I walked in on. All 4, seated on the sofa, waiting my arrival. Sure I was coming to turn on a movie, but this is still not typical!

Was it the craft? The Christmas music I was playing? The time together?

No matter what you chalk it up to...we had an amazing time making out teeny tiny paper village!


Ehlan said…
What a fun craft! Crafts are totally why I go to ECFE classes..I don't have the creativity or the patience! Good for you! And look how big the kids are getting!! They've changed so much over the past few months!
Bridget said…
I can not believe how much Finn looks like Zach! Your kids are SO cute!! That looks like a fun craft! Too bad Aidan would just eat the paper :)

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