How fitting...

My last post was about new favorite breakfast to be exact! Yes...that's right. It is pasta. But it's breakfast! I simply scramble some eggs right in with the noodles, add some fresh basil and parmeseam and voila! An amazingly great breakfast! I have found it's a great way to use up our left over pasta!

And my life seems to revolve around the stuff! Food...not pasta (which is technically a 'food' so maybe my life does revolve around pasta?! I digress). If I am sad....I eat! If I am happy...I eat! If I am lonely...I eat! If I am nervous... I eat! If I am...ok well you get the picture!

I am the triple threat. I love to cook, I love to eat AND others seem to like me to cook as well! So in a nutshell I am surrounded by food and food prep all of the time.

On the bright does really make me happy. Not even the consumption of it necessarily. The look. The smell....the way the smell makes me feel! The memories a certain aroma can bring back. The way a meal can mark time. The presentation of it. The satisfied 'customers'. And then....just to add to the issue...the taste. Oooooh the taste. It brings that final sense into the equation.

My point? My point you ask? Well...I really don't have one. Other than to tell you about how much I love food. Good bye.


Ehlan said…
I love food too. :) You can cook for me anytime you want! We need to catch up, I've missed your blogginess!

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