While the boys are away...

The girls have been at play!
Scott and Finn have been away ice fishing, having the time of their lives no doubt. We, my 3 sweet girls and I, have been snuggling, playing and indulging in a treat or two while watching Strawberry Shortcake!
So when Lilly suggested an impromptu craft I was all over it.
She had simply tied a shirt around her waste to help me do some cleaning; she wanted to "ya know, just clean up a bit Mommy before Ella comes over!".
"Mommy", Lilly said. "I think you could make me an apron.".
"I'm sure I could hunny.", I said.
"Should we do that? Can you make me an apron? And then I can wear it to help you clean. Can we use that owl and mushroom fabric you have? I know you have all of the stuff right downstairs. I bet we could make one for Sylvi too! Oh, how about we make one for Ella so that we can all be twins?" and on and on it went until I stopper her with,
"Sure...let's do it! I'm sure I can figure it out!"
But, not using my newly learned (ok...about 1 1/2 yrs old now) sewing skills for much other than Baby Elephant Ears and a hem here and there...I really felt a bit intimidated.
But I have found that sewing is like many things...you just have to try!
Simple as they may be...with untrimmed grosgrain ribbon....she loved them!
We whipped 6 of them out in about 15 minutes.
She is ecstatic to give them to a couple of her friends as well as her sisters and brother.
Pearl has one too....but let's just say she was not extremely excited to be photographed at the time.
Do you see the piece of fabric Lilly is holding? That is for Ella! An adorable, mushroom laden pattern for an adorable friend. How sweet!(PS: Quick photos make poorly lit, blurry photos. But momma aint got the time to edit! Sorry!)


Moments In Time said…
yes...the friend Ella has been LOVING hers! She has "served" us all her meals just so she can wear it! =)

And she is so so impressed with all the work that they did for her! =) (keeps on talking about it!)
Moments In Time said…
I don't know why that comment was left under my business.....but, you know who I am=)
Ehlan said…
So adorable! You'll have to teach me to sew sometime...

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