Holy Cysts Batman!

I have figured it out!!!

I have figured out why I have experienced 3 total nights now (not consecutive) of the most excruciating pain I have ever had! Keeping in mind people...I have birthed an almost 11 1/2 lb babe!

My poor body, uterus and ovaries included, has NO STINKIN' IDEA how to function without a growing babe in there...or a nursing babe out here! It's just going nuts!

I have cysts coming out the yin yang! And not any ol' cysts!

The cysts that sent me to the ER last evening...as I trembled in fear that I would be experiencing the kind of pain that has brought me to a shivering ball of mess two other times...were as the Dr. explained..."at least the size of baseballs"!

Did you notice the plurality used there? The two other times (in which I had NOT gone to the ER or Dr. immediately, but instead only had a scheduled U/S for some 2 weeks after the fact) the cysts were confined to my left side. Large and septated, but only one at a time.

Last night I had two...equal sized...one on EACH ovary! What in the world!

And the pain...wasn't caused by a sudden bursting of one. It was (and currently still is as I consider taking another percocet!) due to the one on the Right side.....(**STOP READING IF YOUR SQUEAMISH**) leaking blood into my inside cavity. Apparently that blood, or Free Fluid as they say, can irritate the inner organs such as the ovaries enough to cause this excruciating pain.

So after a quick (3 hour) visit to the ER....I snuck out to drive myself home! WHAT? Oh come on...I only live 6 blocks away and it was just Doladed that I was on! Scott was home with the sleeping children...and who should I have called at 3am to come to the ER to get me! I'm just stubborn (and possibly irresponsible) like that sometimes.

Of course...as time always has it, Scott was scheduled to be up gone this morning by 6:30am until Sunday evening. So I am at home...with the children...who for all intents and purposes are doting on me as best as they know how.

Just kidding! The pain is very tolerable at this point....I have only taken one pain pill and don't plan to take another. I am really hoping and praying however, that my Dr. can give me some sort of solution to this ongoing problem. Anyone else have a similar story? Any solutions to offer?


Anne said…
I'm closing my eyes as I read you drove with dilaudid in your system...ALICIA!!! I'm glad you made it home safely. I have never experienced this, but from past pt's experiences - I have heard it's awful. Praying for a quick recovery!
Jazzy said…
I am with Anne...you drove home with DILAUDID in your system!!! Yikes girl!! Dilaudid makes me SO loopy. I am glad you made it home and live so close....normally they won't let you leave the hospital/ED by yourself after having narcs like that.

I hope you feel better soon. I have not experienced cysts before, so I can only imagine what kind of pain you must be having. Rest up this weekend and take it easy:)
Kristin said…
In 2001 I had a cyst that did burst. Because of where it was attached to my ovary it shredded the entire thing and I bled internally for 8 hrs before being almost passing out and being forced to the hospital. An emergenvy surgery and 14 staples later I today have a scar to remind me of that time!

So please continue to follow up with your doctor to see if these need to be removed/watched etc. It can become very serious! And don't wait either....trust your instincts and if something doesn't feel right act on it.

Birth control pills sometimes can reduce the chances of cysts...but every situation is different!

I will be praying for you!! I know how much that internal bleeding can hurt. It takes time for the blood to reabsorb in the system and until it does it causes lots of pain!

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