A Whirlind few weeks is the least I can say!

Time has literally flown by.

We have had:

5 Birthdays within my immediate family
An Anniversary
Mothers Day (which you know...I AM a mother!)
A Tradeshow away in Sioux Falls
A Booming Business
Out of town Visitors for 2 days
A Surprise party

Oh and many other things amidst the events.

All this to say my blog brain has been a bit on the slow side. And now it's summer...which is never great for my blog concentration! But I have many MANY photos to account for all of the above mentioned events and more!

If you follow me on Twitter you have no doubt seen some of the photos to go along with some of these events!

So summer is just starting...and so is the fun! How about you? What have you been doing?


Miss said…
who did you have a surprise party for?

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