Happy Valentines Day!

After a rough couple of weeks...I have to say, Valentines Day was not feeling like an opportunity to express my undying love to my husband. It was feeling like a bit of work.
So what did I do? I sucked it up...and planned a surprise outing.
I kindly asked my husband if I he had made any plans...to hear that he had-the night before I had made plans!
Long story short (read: a minor scuffle later), we went out last night to a fantastic sushi (see below) dinner and cancelled the date I had planned for tonight! One night away from my babies is enough for me!
We closed the place down. We ate sushi, drank wine and discussed life-both serious and silly.
We decided not to do gifts...
Until I awoke to this today. What a charmer...I mean who is clever enough to come up with that home-made card?
"Nothing says I love you like some Coffee and Spatulas"
Man...how did I land this guy!?!
So I brewed myself a cup of fantastic coffee...looked at my brand new spatulas and felt as blessed as can be.

By my family and friends...not the spatulas and coffee! They were simply a bonus!
Today I am as pleased as pie with my valentines day. Thank goodness I snapped out of my poor attitude and breathed a deep breath and enjoyed myself.
My husband is fantastic...after more than 13 years of being together and over 10 years of marriage he really just "gets" me! For that I am so thankful.
Last night just reminded me that at the end of the day, it's great to have a person who I can rely on. A person with whom I can share my authentic self with. A person who accepts me for all of my faults and failures.
My Valentine is that person. Happy Valentines day Dear!


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