I'm Bored and cold...but who said this was about me?!?!

(Finn is on the right)

I'm cold, I'm bored, but he loves it. He's been talking about it each day leading up to it...practices all the time and sets up his own obstacle courses daily.

But I'm alone...the girls snug at mama's house, content to play a bit on our lazy Sunday afternoon while I chauffeur Finn to his practice.

He gets to the box first if possible, holds the door and then slams it shut making certain it latches. He stands there...at the door, facing his teammates and I can see his head moving as if there's a story to be told. He occasionally looks at me...I can see a smile
through his mask and mouth guard....I can see it in his eyes.

But I'm alone...bored and a bit cold...so I beak my rule.

I take my phone out of my purse and begin to stealthy check my email. It's been 2 minutes, but I haven't looked up. In my strained consciousness I hear a voice. I hear a lot if voices...there's 100 mites on the rink and another 50 cheering parents, but this voice I know.

It takes me 2 or 3 "moms" before I break out of my concentration...I look up. It's Finn. Across the rink...in the box...and all he needs to do is wave and smile. But I know what that means. He wants my attention.

In that moment that broke my concentration I realized why I have the rule I just broke. These moments are few...they're fleeting and I know that. Just this morning I thought "wow, in 10 years I'll be 40"...and then, before I could even pause on that thought, my mind quickly turned to the fact that in that same 10 years I will have a child graduating High School and I wondered..."could it possibly go that fast?"...."could it really go as fast as the last 10?".

And it will...so I put my phone away...watched him play what he loves, giving him thumbs up at each goal and assist. I don't want to miss even 2 minutes for something so unimportant.


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