Project - Jewelry

Over a year ago...we moved into a house with literally 1/10 of the storage our other house had. But this home has its perks and I wasn't about to complain....well mostly.

So my ever-loving obsession with jewelry has taken over. I'm a jeans-and-a-tshirt kind of gal...and that means my flare comes form my shoes, bags and jewelry.

But...there's no linen closet for it, no place for a jewelry box, and no safe place from the 40 small children fingers that may have a hand in grabbing something.

So I made due in this beautifully old and roomy "medicine" cabinet. So here's what I used:
Ice Cube Trays
Brass Brad Nails
Spare white slats from a broken down toy crib
As you can see it was rather a mess organization and no reason as to why it was how it was.
The bottom shelf was a pit. The Collection of all things that I use in turn they get thrown back in!
But after hanging the remnant slats, now lined with the brass brad nails, and filling the ice cube trays it looks like a neat, tidy and organized space.
So it may not be showcase material, it works for my life.
Just wanted to share!


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