A runner's thoughts.

Whoa...I'm sure that didn't hit you like it hit me, but I just did it. I just called myself a "runner"!

After over 13 years of running on a regular basis...I've finally done it!

Though #1:
I wonder why it's taken this long to actually feel like a "runner"? For the first several years I was pretty much a 5K gal. It was for exercise...for fitness...and 3 miles was about what I could muster on a regular basis. But I did run on a regular basis...so why wasn't I a runner? I often times have downplayed it and said, "Well I jog...I don't think it's quite fast enough to be called a run!".

Even through each pregnancy I would continue my fitness efforts, taking a brief hiatus each time due to my huge-ness. In my second pregnancy I even continued running through the full 7 months...and I was large!

But after each...back in the saddle I went and began running a few weeks after delivery. Again making it to my 5k mark and then after baby #3 began increasing my mileage. Often times during this time I would take a merry 10 mile jog on the weekends...realizing at this point that running for me was what Yoga is to others. It clears my mind, strengthens my soul and renews my strength. It was also at this time that I decided to run a half marathon and had even done a couple of farther runs on my own (15 miles being my longest distance to date).

But yet...even after completing my first half marathon I didn't call myself a runner. Was it a self confidence thing...or an expectations thing? I mean...if I called myself a runner, I would actually have to be one...meaning I'd have to keep it up and what if I didn't? Then I had failed? Or would I say then "I used to run!"...ick! Who needs that pressure, right?

Since the birth of baby #4 my running has been a constant in my life...a necessary constant. The element of sanity it provides has even outweighed the fitness benefits for me at this point. It does something for me that I can't do otherwise...and thus I have become a runner! Needing a run like I need water to survive...however, knowing if I can't get one that soon enough I will and my mind will once again say a "Thank you" for that time.

Thought #2:
I have always also considered myself a fair-weather runner also....but as my need for a good mind clearing has gotten more intense through the years...my need to run has overcome my desire to run in the beautiful sunshine only.

I've even been known to run in the rain over the last couple of years...even getting stuck in a huge lightening storm a time or two! Ooops...I don't want to do that again!

This winter has also marked a milestone in which I have run freely in 30 degree weather! Stipulations of course....as a mother of 4 small children and business owner I cannot afford to go lame! So roads have to be somewhat clear and NOT ICY! I can't afford a fall or broken bone in this life!

But as I swung from my beach runs of last week to my snowy runs being passed by snowmobiles of this week...I have enjoyed each and every one!

Thought #3:
If you're a runner (or walker, or jogger)....have you ever been so overcome by thankfulness that you even have the ability to do what you're doing? Each run I am more and more grateful for the physical ability to do something that does so much for me...but can so easily be taken away.

No more thoughts for today!


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