5 Year Anniversary...and not in the good way!

I kind of just forgot.  As life got busy blogging became lower on the "priority" list and I just kind of forgot.

But 5 years of forgetting seems a little extreme doesn't it.  Ok, maybe I've thought about it a time or two and just wondered what I'd write...or wondered why I'd write?  Maybe I was just lazy.  Whatever the reason was, I'm not regretting every moment of what, why and laziness.  5 years of memories that could have been documented that weren't.  5 years of craziness that I could have reminded myself I got through.  5 years of hard things that we did together, separately or altogether alone.

Also, I'm terrible at remembering moments...times of the year...memories that aren't encapsulated with a  delicious food or amazing song or phenomenal smell.  So at first I thought I'd try to recall some great things and recap them here..not gonna happen. period.

So I am right now committing to just beginning now.  Today.  A not so special Tuesday.  But it is special.  Because today is the 5 year anniversary of me not doing a blog...that I WILL do a blog.

SUCCESS.  DAY 1 DONE!  Stay tuned for more...i hope!


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