Even today,

I have had more than one person tell my children how 'lucky' they are that I stay home with the whole gang of them. It gets me thinking...who's the lucky one?
Yes, I totally lost it with them today...several.times! And sure I wasn't fully joyful in every second of parenting today (keeping in my mind my husband also has a severe case of the flu and is also needing assistance). But...the short of it is this:
I am one of those moms who always professes how I will keep them 'under my wing' as long as I can. All families and parents are different...just as all children are different. But for us. My family and our children here is our stance.
We do not have them in extra curricular activities...at 5,4,2 & 1 we just aren't sure it's necessary. They are their own playmates, their own squabble mates and their own activity partners. This is enough for now.
We do send them to Sunday School at our Sunday worship and I do a bit of play dates with them as well. They are in Pre-school and they do attend school outside of the home. This, my friends....takes them from me enough (for us...). So today when I read the quote that comes up in my daily calendar I was thrilled to read this:
You train a child until age ten.
After that, you only influence them.
Although most days I don't feel like a lot of 'training' has happened...I know that just in the amount of time that I spend face-to-face with my children that they are learning. A little scary...but also very reassuring at the same time.
After reading this quote today I made an extra effort to be with them for an extra few minutes each today. It felt great. I connected...and I love it!
No. I think I am the lucky one!


Korey said…
Alicia...soooo true! I totally know how you feel on this one; although B and I do go to a ECFE class on Wednesdays, no extra cirriculars for a while. I think my sister thinks that B is deprived or something because he spends so much time with me and he has troubles when I leave him with strangers when we go to church with them or with my parents. But I would have it no other way and I think he will be the better for it in the long run!

P.s. I enjoyed the article about your wonderful business venture in the paper this week :D
Great post! I completely agree...I feel so lucky to be able to be home with my two boys. Each minute with them is so precious and important.

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