Five Fall Favorites....

Now that fall is in it's full swing I have gathered a few fav things to share. As life crazies itself I hope to calm myself with this nice little selection!
We just turned our heat on for the first time on Saturday....leaving my tootsies a bit chilled each night as I sit and sew. Soooo (pun intended) I broke out my trust Sven's slippers. Have you ever checkout out Sven's? If should! The website, honestly, is not that impressive...but if you ever have the chance to see the selection in person you will never look at another leather boot/slipper/clog again! So great!
I came across this beauty by chance at Target one afternoon while rushing in for milk. Of course...I had to peruse the aisle end caps but only for a moment...and WHAM! This tea mug shot out at me before I was within 10 feet! Well...actually what caught me first was the clearance tag...and then I realized what it was! It's genius really. It's called the "Aladdin 12 oz. Essential Infuser".What? You think it's just a mug? on my dear on!

Notice anything now?

That little basket will hold either a tea bag or loose leaf...whichever tickles your fancy that day!
Thanks to that little lever below you can lift and lower the basket when your tea is done or in need of a little 'pick me up'!
For me, fall means Silver, Pumpkins and candles!
This beautiful candle was a purchase at my most recent outing with some friends...maybe you know one of them?
It's a handmade soy candle in a cut off wine of smells of cinnamon! A Fall Must have!
Yes, these are more pumpkins...but that little one on the bottom is the prize! It's a glittered pumpkin! A craft I did a few years back and handed to friends on festive fall occasions. And my luck would have it...a friend of mine has done them every year since and tends to gift me with one each year! Thanks Kim!
And finally...on that same outing I came across these darling octagonal black mirrors...a steal of a price and darling to boot I could not pass them up. But what to put them with? And where?
And just as I had given up finding an additional item an angel told me 'you should do things in 3's!'. it wasn't an angel...but a grand gal named ChrisAnn for sure, and a fine personal decorator if I may say so!


LoveFeast Table said…
That looks fantastic! I had so much fun helping you decorate!! It was a pleasure getting to know you! tee hee, but now you'll have to see what I write in my post tomorrow...My Mudd Lake Confessional! :) But, truly, it warms my heart to have spent that time with you!! -Chris Ann
Unknown said…
Wow...that tea thing was awesome...I'd love to have one of those.

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