A day of joy much needed. Honeslty...desperately needed in fact. With all things happening in life, my attitude has turned it's cheek to my naturally joyful inclination. And, for me, the first thing to go is my patience. With my children, my husband, my everything.

But yesterday...oh sweet yesterday, after asking for a extra measure of patience and a blessing, He came through as He always does. I had a the brim...kind of day with my children. We played. We danced. We sang. I told stories. All on a plan to do so, just done because my heart was overflowing with joy to be the momma that I am. And so I needed to share this quote..

"Joy improves our personalities, increases our energy, transforms our worship, and bears us through difficulties. It is joy unspeakable and full of glory."

-Robert J. Morgan


Bridget said…
Man your kids are so cute!!

Hey are going to be at this Ms Mona's thingy going on tomorrow and friday.

A friend of mine, Aidan and myself are going tomorrow night after I get off work. I know you were making BEE for it but i didnt know if you were actually going to be there or not.

If not we should get together soon!!

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