One of those things...

Have you ever had a plan? A plan to have people over or to host a party. Had all things in place...all things organized, the food prepared, the toys picked up the toilet cleaned and to top it off, clean hair?

Only to realize there was a something left undone. A job left to the last minute...the ended up unfinished?

and then you become embarassed and ashamed...because you realize this AFTER the party?

Well, I have. And here it is. Embarassing as it is, it's real life!

(PS: Just to be clear...this is NOT gum, but instead some tulle off of a dress up item)


Miss said…
fist of all, where is this?

second...if I only found ONE little piece of tull after every event, I would be MIGHTY proud of myself =)
Behind the Bathroom Door (when it's open)....ya know...where all the junk in your house collects!!!

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