Valentines Day Special

As most of you probably know from reading my blog...I am rather smitten on my husband. Always have been. He's a dear to be sure.
He knows me. He really knows me. Kidding aside, that doesn't always mean he gets me! In the way that a husband should know his wife....Scott knows me through and through.
Valentines day isn't our favorite by any stretch. Too much money is spent on things that don't matter...too little time is spent on those that do and by golly...I think the goal of the day was lost long ago. But once in a while I feel like a glimpse of that meaning comes through..and boy oh boy did Scott do it for me yesterday.
This beautiful necklace you see here...Scott gave it to me. Do you really think, though, that simply gifting me a necklace is enough for me to gush about? Not really!
He did not only gift me this necklace...he MADE me this necklace.
Not because he simply thought I might like it. But because...months...possibly more than a year ago I had emailed him a photo of a similar item I liked, but had wished it were gold.
So he decided. That he would find the parts, stamp the names, punch the holes and make me this necklace.....for Christmas.

Christmas came and went without me knowing a lick about this necklace. And then Valentines morning arrived, after a week of craziness and he gifted me his creation.

Because he knew the necklace he made me, was exactly as I wanted. From his hands, from his heart and from my soulmate. What a guy.
And you can think we're sappy, but after almost 10 years, 4 babies and much life....these are the moments that remind you what you set out to do....what seems like soooooo long ago.


sophieh said…
What an awesome husband!
If that is being sappy, I'll take it, any day.
Enjoy your most precious gift!
Miss said…
AMAZING!!I can't belive he MADE It! You are right...that makes it EVEN MORE SPECIAL!!

You have a wonderful husband...I am so glad he made you feel so special =)
Bridget said…
what an awesome gift!!! You have such a great husband!!! :)
Rachel said…
I can't believe he made it either!! Beautiful!!!!

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