This is Pearl...doting upon her uncle...who she never met.
She was intrigued with his face for some time, with no spurring.
She named his "eyes", "nose" and "cheeks".
She spoke jibberish to him for a while.
Although they never met in person...we speak of him often.
I am certain she knew who he was.
If not in form...she knew about who he was.
And who he was is enough.
Zach...I know you can't wait to meet this one...she's a doll!


Rachel said…
that must melt your heart! I love that!

I was just thinking about your brother the other day and his contagious smile.

I worry that we won't be able to Share Joey's mom with Brighton the way she/he deserves. I wish we talked about her more.
Ehlan said…
Very special!

And Pearl's hair is getting so long!
Kristin said…
I just had to come over and say thanks for your comments/suggestions about sleep on Melissa's blog! :) I appreciate your kind words and know that I need to prepare myself to let him try to be on his own...however long that first night might be! :) Thanks for the encouragement. You have a beautiful family!
Blessings, Kristin

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