This past week we went camping.

But I decided to join in too. Not that I would have been absent or aloof, but that I would typically have my nose behind the camera the entire time.

Capturing each and every splashing moment in the pool, the crazy antics of 6 people inside of a motor home WITH a crib, the grilling masterpiece that is my husband and the visitors to our family Cookout.

Instead...I took the week off. I know there are moments I would have loved to capture. And if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a couple, but for the most part I wanted to see it through my own lens!

My was it wonderful. It was sun, fun and family time. It was an oasis, an escape like no other.

We may just go back this week!


Miss said…
I just did that SAME thing for the 4th! We were up at my inlaws and I purposely left my camera home...I did really wish I had the camera for about an hour while there, but it was fun not even thinking about it for a bit!

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