Gardening 101

OOooook. So the title is a little misleading. I AM going to do a teaching post, but that's next. THIS post is actually just photos of my gardens. Simple. Reliable. And Pleasing to the eye!

Now...I've shown you now you can show me yours.

So this first photo is of the new mulch bed in the backyard. It is up next to the house and then the vegetable garden!
This is my fav little garden cupboard. I found it in North Dakota in a great little antique shop! It sits in that mulch garden.
This crowning beauty is my vegetable garden! Now...this photo was about 2 1/2 weeks ago! Let me tell you...the thing is gigantic now! And...speaking of the Teaching will add a great trellis for my Pea Pods!

Here is the end view of the backside garden! I sit often where the chairs are's a beautiful view of the backyard in the shade!
Some decorative grasses....
The front garden. COMPLETELY perennial. Completely effortless. Completely beautiful.
The back has Iris' that bloom early spring. Then the Setums and hostas come up.

The side of the house just has hostas..
And finally mid-summer...the hostas flower....the setums begin to flower at the top in a magenta tip.
And here are my only Annuals. 3 planters across the front of the house!

The front garden also hosts some Lilies that bloom right about now!

By fall...the beauty is...that the ground cover, the hostas and the setums will all have color and flowers!



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