I'm gettin' all political on ya!

Because it's my blog....and I can if I want to!

We don't have television (well, we have A television just NO television reception!) and I rarely have time to read the paper...so my glimpse into the news of the day is typically when I open my computer to MSN.com.

Today..this headline screamed at me from the TOP of it's lungs to read it! This is unusual at best....but I have to say that I'm so intrigued!

So, if you like...read this article and tell me what you think?

Is this Pastor doing the "right" thing? Or is he being greedy?


Anne said…
I think it's horrible for the church to sue BP. Personally I have issues with Assembly of God churches, I could go on and on, but I won't - I only know from the experience that I have witnessed with this church - not the one down South - but a local one - that they are corrupt and out to serve themselves. Not to offend anyone! What do you think Alicia?
Becca said…
seriously??? My answer is greedy and not doing the work of the church. This stuff really amazes me!

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