Finn's Fifth Fun!

Well, Finn is Five and loving every frolicking moment.

His fervent desire to run, have fun and feast are forever present in his follies.

Forever friendly to all friends or foes, he fantasizes of flying through all of his fantastic features.

For his fervor is fantastic even at his worst.


Today at 11:57 pm, my boy Finn was born 5 years ago! He was the 2nd child and brother to his 14 month old sister.

We welcomed him into the world with a fairly uneventful labor. He was 2 weeks early and ready to join us. He weighed in at 9 lbs 9 ounces to outweigh his sisters birth weight by over 2 lbs!

He has blessed us with the needed testosterone! He cannot stop kissing, hugging and loving on all of us all of the time. He sometimes cannot help himself, but to "love" us a bit too hard. Kissing us with vengeance. I'll take it any day!

I have always thought of things that described each child at birth. For Finn...there were a couple of words:

Loyal - I knew from moment one he connected with our family and it's loyalties!

Kind - His inner spirit is kind to all, especially his sisters. He is still, always thinking of others.

I also knew, that different from his sister, Finn had stolen my heart in that single moment of holding him on my chest for the first time. I knew in that moment..that he had taken a piece of my heart that I would never get back. I knew he might break it, but that it would never be irreparable.

Man I love this boy. He sure reminds us of my Brother Zach. He even has a slight lisp, just as my brother did. You can count his ribs from all angles and he will stop moving almost always for a 'smooch'!



Bridget said…
I agree with you 100% he is just like Zach!! :) Happy birthday Finn!!!! (belated)

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