Just thoughts

My run this morning was great,
but now it's 8:45 and I could get in bed!
My children play really well together,
but their overall obedience is slacking lately.
Is it just a summer thing? An age thing? or is it me?
It's true, we're moving!
I couldn't be more excited....and sad.
I love our home, and what it has meant.
But I can't wait to be surrounded by acres of nothing!
My friendships are taking a back burner again...to work..and moving...and stuff.
I don't like that.
VBS this week. It's great.
But it's late...and bedtime stinks!
I can already feel how close winter is. I get the chills thinking about it.
The cool days are nice however.
My babies are growing daily I feel. I can't keep up.
I have more cysts on my ovaries. Stink=(
Summer has been incredible. I love it...all of it!
Baby Elephant Ears is crazy busy...going to have to restructure from my team of ONE!
I really would like a girls weekend. My friends all have them. I want one (selfish I know!)
I am having internal struggles these days. Odd.
It's my 10 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. I couldn't be happier!
Our first years of marriage (ok...all of our years) have been very blessed and rather easy!
We're perfect for each other!
That means we've actually been together for 13 of my 29 years!
My sister is so close to adopting I can taste it! I can't wait to be an Ani!(Ah-nee)
She and Jessi are working like maniacs to get ready! They can't wait either!
I wonder if the children will like me? I'll make them!
This weekend is going to be crazy:
1 Anniversary celebration
1 Wedding & Reception
1 Reception only
1 Twins Game

Ok...that's it for now!


Bridget said…
I'll take you on a girls weekend :) I can't wait until you guys are on the farm! We are going go visit all the time!!! :)

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