These classic photos were taken almost 10 years ago now. Life was so different then. Our 10 year anniversary is less than a week away, and I wanted to share some of the things that made that time what it was.

Below you'll notice the classic elements of this photo....this photo is SOOO not me! But I was a mere 17 when I was engaged, and just 19 when we got married. Let's just say I didn't know a lot about weddings and what your options were. Let's just say I didn't really know who I was at 19...I think that's safe!

I also had no idea what life would bring. I had no idea that the below friend (can anyone guess who this is?) and I would actually "breakup" for several years before we would become friends again!

I definitely had NO idea that I would someday be completely OK with the below additions to our wedding album. I have never held it sacred or anything, but certainly didn't plan on allowing budding young artist to add their touch! I also would have never guess, that the lady standing directly to my left would turn out to be the best friend a girl could ever have. At this point, we knew each other so little, it was almost ridiculous that I asked her to do my, and my wedding parties, hair!

There were many things that happened up until this moment below, that make me wonder "why in the world people do this whole big wedding thing"....and I can't say as though I'd do it the same again, but I would certainly say "I do" again to this man!


Miss said…
I agree with having no idea who I was or what I was doing at such an age!!

But it allows for great memories!
Becca said…
I know who that "breakup friend" is! How fun to see your pictures... ours are also so traditional. I had no idea what I was doing planning a wedding!


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