Snippet #2

A visit to my moms house the other day led to yet another realization that my children are growing up way too much. As my mom told me of some re-arranging she had done in her bedroom I walked upstairs with her to check it out. As you can imagine, shortly there after 4 little munchkins followed one by one. My extremely observant and incredibly handsome Finn says, "Mama, I love that you put that there. It looks great.", before she could even show what she had moved. Sweet boy. top this Snippet off with a second moment. Sylvi asks me for a drink in the middle of me discussing the furniture moves with my mom while we are sitting in her room still. I ask her to help herself in the bathroom sink. She again says, "Can I get a dwink in the bathtub den?". "No Sylvi, get a drink in the faucet please.". "Why can't I get just do it in the bathtub?", she pleads. "Sylvi, just go ahead. I honestly don't really care. Go ahead and get it out of the bath faucet then.". Then Lilly chimes in from the bed, "Yeah, that'll taste awesome Sylvi. That's gonna just taste awesome.", with a giggle. My mom and I crinkle our foreheads and look immediately at one another. We were both thinking the same thing. Then Lilly says quickly, "But that's not really what I mean.". And I knew..."Lilly? Were you just trying to be sarcastic? Do you even know what that means?". It was interesting...and funny and crazy!


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