Snippet #3

Lilly has a friend over today. It's fun. It's's eye-opening. For instance a scenario as Lilly was showing her friend, Emma, around the house. As Lilly and Emma enter the kitchen, followed by three other tag-alongs, lilly says, "Are you doing the 40 days of prayer?" as she looks at our 40 days of prayer calendar. Emma responds, "A what?", "ya know, with your church?", Lilly replies. "Catholic?", Emma says..I think responding that she goes to a catholic church. "Yes, you should be doing the 40 days of prayer.". It's just so evident that at 6 years old you think the world is this amazingly unified space where all people are alike and do all things similar. The second scenario is when the kids are all sitting at a small table coloring. They start talking about their last names and Emma spells out our last name, "O-&-$-#-*-!". Then Lilly responds by listing all of our full names. First, Middle and Last...starting with her siblings. Then she gets to my name and says "Alicia Mary O.". Emmas asks, "Is she married?". Lilly answers, "No (which I am of course), like Jesus' mother Mary". "She's Jesus' mother?" Emma asks. "No, that's just her middle name." Lilly says in a matter of fact way. "Well...I think maybe we shouldn't talk about Him like that...", Emma says...saying that they might be disrespectful by talking this way about Jesus. Smart Kids!


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