Time for a change

Way back in October, shortly after we moved into our new (VERY OLD!) Farm house, I posted a few of our office photos. Boring? YES! Not only is an office fairly boring, but the photos were also boring...but I wanted to document...so I did!

Over the past 6 months a lot of things have changed...but there are also a lot that haven't. Well, let me name a few:

-I like organization

-I like to work in a nice "feeling" space

-My work load is increasing daily...still

-Subsequently I need to be as efficient as possible to achieve everything I would like to

SO, it's time for a change. And when "change" is tight...it's time to go to Ikea. So I did.

Now this is just the DURING photos...so no big reveal yet. But...as my impatience kicks in I wanted to see what progress really had been made by taking photos.

We actually used to have 2 desks in here on opposite sides of the room. We will now have facing desks...oh how romantic right! I already tried to kiss him across the 2 desks...doesn't work. So I guess there goes the romance =) I will also have a shipping/logistics station for packing boxes and arranging shipments and their necessary documents.
All in all...it's a good change. It will, hopefully, allow for the things we set out to change. Ultimately we have much, MUCH bigger plans for office space...but in the interest of being slow to make those large decisions we are taking this step first.

We'll see how it turns out!

ALSO, the suggestion box is always open!


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