Birthdays, Basements & Bottoms

My celebratory dinners and gatherings began on Wednesday. My sis, Ashley, took me out to dinner at a new restaurant called Victory 44 (opened by a high school classmate and his business partner). It was a great surprise and needless to say the food was impeccable and drink as well. Friday (my actual birthday) began with an entire cheesecake arriving at my door, delivered by a great friend and her children! That was followed by a couple hours off while the children played at "the farm". I took a short (super windy) run and then ran an errand before returning to pick them up. We hurried home, at lunch, took naps and then hurried back to "the farm" so that Scott and I could go out to dinner. Scott took me to an old school steak house where the menu was personalized, they took a keepsake photo and delivered and amazing meal....even more amazing company! Saturday evening ended with another birthday dinner celebration in an effort to include everyone. My parents grilled an amazing dinner and served up a classic rhubarb crisp for desert. It was a great way to begin my 28th year.

Our basement has been a bit disheveled for some time now. It's a large space. A large, open space. It lacks separation in purpose in some areas. seems with a little switch-a-roo I may have put my finger on it. Photos will follow.

A couple of bottoms...Sylvi first. Her bottom has been hitting the toilet seat for over a week now. She began last Saturday by asking to wear "big girl underpants"....and she did. She since then has only had 2 days with accidents in the beginning...and is now living it up like the "bigs". She has worn underpants out on many outings and has done perfectly. So...I guess I only have 1 child in diapers now. Wow..that hasn't been true since 2004!

And another bottom..well that's where I am right now. I know this is petty, but it's on my mind tonight. I ran out quickly tonight to return a DVD and as I was walking out of the building a young girl said "when's the baby due?". I turned and said "excuse me?"...and she repeated her question as I replied "Oh no..I'm not pregnant!". What else do you do? I realize I don't look as I did pre-children...but I didn't think I looked pregnant. Not that I wouldn't love to if I actually was all know I would! So..that has hit me in a place that I am very vulnerable with. And that's my bottom.


dont you LOVE being asked when youre due when you are not! i always say 'never ask when the babys due, unless you see the head coming out' :)
Anne said…
Alicia you have NOTHING to worry about - you look fabulous!!!! I wish I had your determination. I'll say it again - YOU LOOK GREAT.
Miss said…
I have seen youfrom your best to your worst and I can GURANTEE you that you DO NOT LOOK PREGNANT!!!!!

Ehlan said…
oooh, I'm sorry! I would've socked her. Well, not really, but I would have liked to!

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