"Not Me" Monday

I haven't joined the "Not Me" Monday carnival in some time...but today, in honor of the birthday gifts and celebrations I had from last week, I have decided to play today.
If you haven't joined the fun before, please pop on over to MckMama's blog and read hundreds of other "Not Me" Monday posts.
Last week was a busy week. Children waking early and ready to head outdoors to play in the beautiful weather. I did not live on coffee and soda all week, praying I wouldn't overload. Being that I was prepared ahead of time I did not have to stay up well after 1:00am several days last week just to finish things that were required. I did not enjoy several cups of coffee in the new mug my sis, Reg, gave me on those mornings.
This beautiful cheesecake was delivered to me Friday morning. I have been on a health kick lately and would definitely not have a piece shortly after it arrived at 8:30am. And it would definitely not be completely gone by Sunday night.
Shortly after the cheesecake arrived I got a call from my mother. I absolutely did not drop my children off there without diapers. I am always prepared and keep her supplies fully stocked.
After I dropped the children off, fully prepared, I was able to head out for a run. Scott bought me some actual running glasses that I wore on that run and did not decide that I will return them. They fit a little funny around the ears, but would not return them after wearing them.
After the short run needed to head on some errands. I did not grab this entire bag of unsulfured dried mangoes from Ash, and finish the entire bag on my way to Office Max.
Ohhh and after this long day I needed some rest. I did not enjoy a glass of wine from Jess, while gazing upon a beautiful cheese/cake pedestal that my mom gave me. I mean come on! I don't have time to just sit and gaze at things!
And after that I had more amazing gifts awaiting use. I did not run a bath then, for my great Lush products, and then never get to use it! So instead I settled for using some of the lotion, which I did not smell repeatedly because it smells so amazing!
And this...well I have no "not me" for this...I just wanted to show you the great little laptop case my mom got me! It's for when I do business ya know?!

So join in if you chose...and see how much fun you have.


Bridget said…
um, that cheese cake looks delightful!!! Now i need to go get cheese cake!!

Happy Late Birthday!!!

Jessie said…
I like the "Not Me" blog post. I'll have to steal that. :)
4under3 said…
Yea for LUSH products! I've never used their lotion.


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