Oh what a night...

In lieu of telling you all what a horrific night we had last night, what with me staying up until the wee hours of the morning (after 1am) by choice to complete some sewing, and then once crawling wearily into bed being woken time and time again by one child or another until after 4:00am, not allowing me to get one.stinkin.wink of sleep until well after that,...well...I guess I did just tell you. Anyhow, I will post a series of photos that went along with our day this past Saturday. Enjoy!
While getting ready for a walk...she had her Daddy put in pigtales! Mighty fine job if I do say so myself!
"Pearl...come on! We're going for a walk."
"huh?...oh...ok I'll make my way back."
"Mama...just wait a minute..NO..don't help me! I am ONE...I can do these things on my own!"
"You see...with just a little bit...WHAT? Lilly...did you change AGAIN!"
I know Pearl...it makes me want to pull my hair out too!

80's Dancing Queen!

But instead of getting frustrated about Lilly's habit of habitually changing clothes several times a day...Let's focus on something a bit more enticing and relaxing!

Now that the lilacs are languishing...we are greeted with some more color and greenery in our yard and gardens! YEAHH!


Ehlan said…
great pictures! I don't know how you do it some days when you have 4 up during the night! I get tired by just 1 (Olivia RARELY (here I go abou to jinx myself) wakes up EVER) kid up at night!! Is Pearl still nursing?

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