The family that...

...Runs together, stays together!
Well, while that may not entirely be true our family did get a chance to attend a very local 5K last weekend. We do not get to enjoy doing that much as they are usually an hour or more drive from our small town.
But the children, as usual, wanted to "run" with us. So the last small stretch to the finish line we allowed them to hop out (aside from the baby of course) and take a short jog with us!

They had a great time. We had our own small cheering section...well...not really a section but definitely a devoted supporter! My sis Ashley, stood by the finish and took these shots and cheered us in!

Of Course Scott, Lilly and Sylvi finished a few minutes before the rest of us...he's much faster than I am. And even with each of us pushing 75+ pounds we finished in fairly good times.

And Molly, well she waited patiently as well. Dear, sweet Molly!


Jazzy said…
You guys did AWESOME!!! I can't wait for the fun 2 mile run/walk in Isanti. Jaden wants to do that one with me. I love that kids want to do what their parents do! And I am all about encouraging ways to stay active and to have an outlet!

I hope you have a great week!!
Ehlan said…
You look ripped!!
AJ and Miranda said…
I'm sorry, but LOOK at those LEGS!!!!! Wow girly, you're looking great as always!
Becca said…
Man, you ARE ripped! Looks like you had a lot of fun!
WOW!! You are awesome!!
Oh you guys are silly! RIPPED???? Yeah that word has never been in the same sentence as my name...and never should! are too kind! One day I look "pregnant" and the next I look "ripped"...I guess it's relative to the eye of the beholder!!
You go, girl! Check out your muscles! :)

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