Can I get a Woo Woot!


That is how long I have been married to my kindred spirit, my soul mate, my husband!

We celebrated this milestone on August the 19th! We did our new favorite type of celebration...we cooked in...after all of our small children were asleep. It was marvelous.

As usual we make an amazing kitchen team. Doing our separate duties without instruction to one another...we just know what the other is doing!

It was perfect...great...wonderful! We set aside the time completely. No phones. No computers. No movies. Just us, our food and our conversation.

Happy Anniversary to us!


Jazzy said…
Congrats!!!! Ken and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the 20th!! August is the PERFECT month:) I just love it! We went to dinner at The Melting Pot and had a wonderfully romantic stroll through downtown Minneapolis, it was....AMAZING. So glad you had time together without interuption:) May God bless you with MANY more anniversary's like that one.
Ehlan said…
Wow 9 years! Congrats!
Miss said…
Happy Anniversary...again! =)

What a cute picture of Scott =)

What did you guys end up making?
happy anniversary!!!! 9 years! yeah!

Becca said…
congratulations! So, are you going to post pics of the yummy food???
Bridget said…
belated congrats :) 9 years- man that makes ME feel old :)

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