Too many days working..

Today was not unlike some of our days lately, where Momma has to get some work done. an effort to change it up we headed downstairs to play with some toys that don't get used that often.
My mom stopped for a quick visit which broke the morning up wonderfully. The children raced around the room for no less than a half hour...nicely....encouraging one another...oh it was bliss. We then headed up for lunch...a la carte as usual...salami, zucchini, ants on a log, pretzels and orange. Then it hit me....remember 'monkey teeth' made from orange peels? In a goofy moment I fashioned some 'monkey teeth' of my own and popped into the dining room bouncing around and making monkey like noises! The children loved it!
And of course...they all wanted their own. So I made some child-sized monkey teeth and watched the fun unfold. Just a quick glimpse...form the seldom moments I could compose myself enough to snap a photo!

(check out the blurriness...I can't even stop giggling to take this!)

My only regret...that I couldn't include myself in any of these (b/c I can't find my 35mm lens and only have a zoom lens)


Miss said…
CUTE!! I have never seen monkey teeth....sad sad childhood I must have had =)
Cute pics! I have never made monkey teeth for my girls...hmmm, maybe I'll do that soon :).

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