Long overdue..

I have needed a space. A space to store all of the raw goods I have sitting around for Baby Elephant Ears. Our dining room has too long been our storage space....trying to keep designer fabric clean in a dining room with 4 small children is not easy!
We have thrown out many, many ideas....and nothing has seemed to fit. Ya know...we do have 4 small children...and a not-so-huge house...so all areas are usually in use. ALAS! We were able to carve out a small closet downstairs...right next to my forthcoming work area. We started with a clean slate...did some electrical work and some minor cleaning...and VOILA!

What? You can't see the top shelf clearly? Oh....sorry about that. Maybe next time!


Jazzy said…
Oh how you tease us!!! When is the BIG REVEAL?????? btw, the closet looks great!
Ehlan said…
Oh you're killing us... looks gresat!

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