Ok People....

Listen up!
I need your gear!
I will be debuting Baby Elephant Ears in September at a trade show in Las Vegas! But I need to show people how and where to use their Baby Elephant Ears. For this...I need a few key pieces to finish off my booth design! Who needs to buy new things, waste resources and money just to have a new showpiece when I know someone else probably already has one that they'd be willing to loan out?!

So...if you have some great baby gear (for example: infant seat, car seat, strollers, bouncy chair, swing) that can depict either a suburban or modern momma....PLEASE email me and let me know if you are 'in' or not!



Ehlan said…
We are done (for now) using our bumbo (purple) and have a bouncy seat in good shape you could use--I don't know if they are "modern" but they are new within 3 years and both in excellent shape. Let me know!
Ehlan said…
Of course, this means you have to tell me about baby elephant ears!
Jenni said…
Hey! I left you a brochure for Miss Mona's Whimsy, as I imagine you're looking for places to sell! Did you find it? Hopefully so - let me know if you have any questions!

Good luck with all your big preparations! :)

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