4 Score and 4 years ago....

So much has happened since then it's hard to remember...but here is what I DO remember.

It was a Monday. It was October 30, 2006 and I was frantically trying to get a hold of my OB. I was almost 2 weeks overdue with baby #3.

You'd think I was calling because I was in labor...but no...by this time my uterus had settled into a routine and had hunkered down for the long haul. It knew the work to be done and wasn't really interested...from baby #3 on it would need some assistance. So THAT is why I was calling my OB.

We had decided to wait it out....as I felt great and happen to ADORE being pregnant (totally serious here!)...but we had scheduled an induction. At the time we scheduled it I was not thinking clearly....well come to think of it...pregnant, I am typically not thinking clearly. But regardless...we had scheduled it for Halloween. Not that I am all that weirded out by that...but I thought, "Since I do have a choice...and Dr. L says she has to induce me anyhow...I would like to chose NOT to have a Halloween baby.".

So I got a hold of my Dr. hoping to move the date. The problem was, however, that she literally did NOT want me over 2 weeks late and her last day in for the week was Wednesday. The day AFTER Halloween. So I thought, "Ok...that will be much better!".

So....that little girl above...she was still snug as a bug in a rug, nestled in my tummy 4 years ago. But come Monday, she will be 4! I cannot even believe it.

It was a pretty 'typical' labor for me. It was my first induction...so that was a bit different as my first two children had come naturally...2 weeks early! But the induction went very smoothly. We had a photographer come for the first time and have the most amazing memories to show for it. Labor was fast and relatively easy....ok what I mean is...as far as labor is concerned I was focused on the task and make it through wanting to have 100 more babies! My husband and I are a pretty amazing labor and delivery team. He is my rock. Without his hand and his heartbeat I think I would fail miserably and just curl up and wait. With him there...I am calm (mostly), quite (mostly) and ready to welcome a beautiful addition into the world. Well I guess that's how I remember it anyway....it's nice that way!

And here she is...Sylvi Suzanne...a beaming ray of light in our life. She is our free spirit who bounces back immediately from any adverse situation. She is smiley and giggly and has a laugh that can make a smile pop on ANYONE's face upon hearing it. I can't believe she's 4!
And this my friends....is exactly how she requested her cake. I think Finn may have had some input. I think.


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