I feel like I'm fallin' for fall!

That's right...I'm a total summer person...but I think Fall is growing on me.

Maybe it's the beautiful Fall Foliage,
Maybe it's the massive 10 acres plus of corn field surrounding us,
Maybe it's the cool weather with the Hot sunshine all day,
Or...maybe it's just the peace that comes with Fall.

I have always felt like Spring is the renewing of the earths growth and living things, but this year...for some reason...the change that is happening constantly in my life is bringing up feelings of Fresh Air!

Also...a huge Change for me is a feeling. I have to be away this coming week...Saturday to Thursday for a major work event. I went last year...2 days longer and seriously had a breakdown. I don't leave my children. It's very tough for me. It's so tough in fact, that last year was the first time I had left for more than 2 days (and one night) in 5 years!

But this year...something is happening.

Maybe it's because I don't have a nursing baby,
And maybe because that baby is now OVER 2 yrs old,
Maybe it's because I am actually ready for a little respite,
Maybe it's because I get to go with my older Sis, Ash, whom I haven't gotten to spend NEARLY enough time with this year....

Who knows. But as hard as this is for me to say!


I'm comforted that Scott can be home with the children.
That my mother will be at his every call should he need (love you mom!).
That I will be gone an entire 2 days less this time.
That I am certain our new home will be in an equal amount of disarray as it is right now!

I feel like I'm fallin' for Fall!


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