Vegas Baby!

I just arrived home today, shortly after midnight and am completely swamped. In all honesty, I was swamped before I let's just multiply that!

But above and beyond all of that...the morning was not to early for me to sneak into 2 bedrooms to smooch on 4 little ones who I had missed oh so dearly.

I awoke this morning, like most others, put my sweats on and started the day. A normal day.

Until I reach my computer. That's when I am reminded that I have a business to run. I go to another day at the office ( room desk), in hopes of making some much needed progress towards fulfilling customers expectations as best I can.

I may be back today...I may not. But I guess that was Vegas Baby!


Ehlan said…
I hope you are able to catch up withyour work and your kids...and maybe relax a little too!

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