I just can't wait!!!

It's a mess.
It's not unpacked.
It's not "us" yet.
But I just can't wait to show you where we have moved.
As I've said...I grew up here.
It's home.
The children are in heaven.
The dog is in heaven...and now the cat!
So, below you'll see the back entrance to the house...the lovely blue door! This room, The Kitchen, was once 5 ROOMS! My parents, namely my dad, remodeled this house for the first decade we lived there. It's originally over 160 years old. That small room to the left is a powder room. The light fixture? It's sentimental for my dad, but will have to go! We're looking for a bit more clean lines and updated feel.
OH yes...THE TABLE! It's huge...it beautifully made and was a present for my mom, made by my dad, for their anniversary several years back! It just didn't fit (literally) in their new house...so it stayed! YEAHHHH!
Here's another view of the kitchen...yes it's that big that it needs it! The house as a whole is a bit smaller than our other house....and it has about 1/10th of the closet/storage space...but there are 2 nice BIG rooms that I love. One is this kitchen!

And here is the 3rd view of the Kitchen. I am standing in front of the Front Entry door...that actually comes in off of a wrap around 3 season porch.
This is an interesting space..it used to be a sitting room, but is now basically a 'walk through' to the family room. So we'll see how it goes in here, but for now...as you can see...it's a catch all!

This is my office. Well my HALF anyhow. The other half with be...my other half's...but let's just say it's not quite there yet!
Yep...this is his half!
This is the second large room I love. This is the Family Room. It's a completely new addition to the original house. It's large enough to fit my entire family with no scrunching. It feels so cozy it's unbelievable. Now we'll just see if I can figure out how to decorate it. In our other house...the ceilings were standard height. I have nothing Large scale to put in here. Oh well...time will tell!

So this is the outside of the original portion of the house. My dad exposed the old wood siding and build right onto it for this addition. It's great! No need to paint...no worries about dings or chalk...it's rustic yet simple. I love it!

And this is the best room in the place. This is the view out the back entrance each and every day. This morning it was especially breath taking. Chilly yet Sunshine beating down. The gardens are pretty much done for the season...but they still beckon calm to my soul.
This is what I need. Calm to my soul. What a blessing.


Anne said…
It looks lovely! I'm so happy for you guys!
oh my, I'm so happy for you all! It looks absolutely wonderful! Cant' wait to see the rest. {grin}

Becca said…
I love it! I really love the exposed siding and the homemade table. You guys are blessed!
Thanks guys....it'll get there. But it 'feels' of home...and for now...the rest can wait!
Bridget said…
I drove through Cambridge the other day- i was going to stop but then i remember that I hate when people just "drop in" on me so I didnt ;)
Ehlan said…
How fun! Yes, show us the rest!

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