Couple with a Cup.

As I poured myself a cup of coffee...sat down to squeeze in a minute or two of work while playing was happening is a peaceful way around me....I sighed.

I didn't sigh because of exhaustion. I didn't sigh because of frustration. I sighed out of utter and complete amazement. I had a moment and had a couple of thoughts.

This motherhood thing. It's no surprise to anyone that knows me...I love it. I have loved it from the moment it began...knowing that this is one of the many reasons that I was put here on this fine ball of earth.

Despite the pitfalls I my stretch marks and my saggy boobs. The bags under my eyes and my unkempt hair. The chipped nail polish and messy house. I love it.

The moments during the day that reveal my love for this profession are many and often. They come from 4 little beings that somehow..can all at once destroy and mend my day. I love it.

Motherhood is my thing. Not altogether surprising to me...but somewhat different than I thought. I love it.

As I sat down with this cup of were a couple of my thoughts.


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