My little protege

My Lilly. She makes me laugh.

So here's the story....the children rarely get the flu, but Lilly had a short bug last night...all night...that completely exhausted her. So today she received the royal treatment as her weak little peanut self, roamed the house. She was allowed to chose the show to watch while she was resting on the couch.

So I snuggled her in, grabbed the remote and asked her what she'd like to watch.

She replied with a smirk on her face, "Giada?".

That's right...Giada DeLaurenti is what she wanted to watch. For those of you who don't know...she has a cooking show called "Everyday Italian", which just happened to have been my favorite show.

So here's the story....

Lilly was just over 2 when she stopped napping during the day. By that time we had Finn, who was about 14 months and Sylvi who was a newborn. They both, of course, napped...and during that stint of my life...i NEEDED a break in the afternoon. We still had TV then, and my break would be watching "Everyday Italian". There were 2 consecutive episodes! So I would gather a cup of coffee and a snack....maybe some bills to pay while watching or laundry to fold...and cozy up to my "show".
We as it were, Lilly stopped napping about that time and her first introduction to Television was me watching my show in the afternoon. She had to rest beside me on the couch and watch along with so that I could get a bit of a break in my day. Selfish I know...but it worked for us in that time.

And now I have a small protege on my hands! I love that girl...she'll eat the foods I eat...she'll watch the shows I watch and she uses the words I use. She's a girl after my own heart!


Sarah said…
That is such a cute story! I love a girl who knows a good Italian when she sees one! :)
Ehlan said…
That's a great story! :) And what a breat break for both of you!! Olivia has the pukies today and I was stuck with Strawberry Shortcake. :) Glad you are back on the blogosphere!

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