What a subjective thing. How would you describe yours?
I think if I had to describe my 'style' I would say this.
-Jeans, Jeans, Jeans
-Low Maintenance
-Comfort WITH style
-Classic for sure
-Monochromatic with a splash of color here and there
From time to time I like to spice it up a bit...add something new when I'm able and update my look. I still keep the classic 'form', so to speak, but just by adding an accessory I feel like I can update things.
So last night at Maiden Minnesota, I ran into a friend from last year. Last year I was a bit focused and obviously didn't notice what an amazing product this was, but this year? Oh caught my eye big time. Not only that...but the owner and designer was a complete joy! She's loud, she's beautiful and she's got amazing style! Right up my alley!
Make sure you check it out!

So these are the gems. These are the Sleeves I bought to update my style...not to mention 3 other pairs, including a child size, for gifts!
They're classic colors with hint of punk. I love them. The little red heart is adorable. The slogan is "wear your heart on your sleeve". Clever!

This is me...oh so naturally, holding my coffee cup for you to see how they look. They have different lengths...but mine go up almost to my elbow. Then you can slouch them down to be shorter as well.
This style is similar to a soft sweater...but the other I purchased were a velvet feel. So nice!

And let me tell you...all of you touch phone people out there! They are not only stylish...but they're extremely functional on these cold fall mornings...I can still text and email! Fingers Free!

Annie and I had a funny conversation though...she's got some amazing wild prints and sexy styles (check out the leggings!)....but I assured her I needed a 'beginner' set of Sleeves! I assured her it would take a bit to catch on here in our small town...and that a more subtle print might help everyone ease into them!
So this is me...helping you ease into the new look...SLEEVES!


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