Land of the Lost

I feel lost today. My day started out very solid and grounded. Then the day began...and it no sooner began than it fell right back apart. I'm not being dramatic because it really wasn't dramatic. It just did.
Life happened and it did.
I feel lost today. I am not even certain I know where my heart is today. I know it's hurting. I know it's also happy. But I really feel like it's residing in that gray space in between.
Do you ever feel guilty? Being happy in a time of strife? A time of conflict?
There are time where I look to be my typical optimistic self and wonder, "How can I act as though my insides are matching my outsides today?"....when they may not?
I feel lost today. In that gray space. Wondering which side to reside.

The silver lining? There's always tomorrow...or an hour from now...or the next which your spirit can change.

Yep, there ya go...the eternal optimist in me. I knew it would win out in this post!!!


Kristin said…
Praying for you....

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