My boy, BMX-ing for the first time

Last night was it! We're now a family who "does activities". Until now we have not signed our children up for things...they've done Sunday School and two VBS camps but no extra-curricular stuff.

Finn has been asking for what feels like years to play hockey, soccer, baseball or whatever. The past two years, his fantasy was BMX in the summer. Scott and I typically wait these things out and see how long the fad lasts...and lasts....and lasts...until we determine it's not a fad. Well, we decided. With Finn's birthday coming up we decided to enliven his fantasy a bit and got him a jersey. His grandma and grandpa Overby got him a helmet and he already had the number plate and bike from last years birthday. His eyes lit up with joy and Scott and I decided to indulge him in some real BMX.

We took him to a nearby BMX track and watched him do his thing. It was great. He enjoyed each and every minute of it.

I couldn't help but impose my little brothers face onto Finn's while he was riding. I remember traveling to Milaca or Forest Lake with my family when we were brother Zach spent each and every waking moment on some mode of transportation. For a long time it was his BMX bike inclusive of alterations and modification he had done himself. When that wasn't fast enough or crazy enough he graduated to moto-cross racing (I think that's what it's called. When you race a dirt bike?!) where he scared the pants off each of us. Oh Lord please don't let Finn want to do that too!!! was great. Lilly wants to try next week. My life as a traveling momma of 4 'involved' children has begun. Let's just say the first time was pretty great!


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